Steps in Starting a Home Service Business

1st Steps in Starting a home service  business such as handyman, interior designer, pest control or other home service provider

Starting a business is never going to be easy, but if you are finally ready to begin your very own home service business, you are going to want to read through these next steps.  While these steps will take you some time to complete, you will at least find that this process is going to be easier than you ever could have imagined!

Here are the 1st steps in starting a home service provided business:

1. Determine What Services You Will Be Offering

While it is nice to think that you are going to be able to do anything and everything that your new clients need, please understand that you may have limitations!  Those limitations may be due to the fact that you do not have the right equipment to do certain jobs or it could be the fact that you simply do not do your best work in those areas.  Do not focus on what you cannot do, instead focus on the things that you can do the best and that you love!

This could be narrowed down to super detailed services. Say you like washing windows. Make that your business. Be the best above and beyond window washer. You do not have to do more than one thing.

2. Understand the Laws Within Your State

Every state has its own laws and regulations, but you will need to know exactly what they are before you begin working.  You will most likely need a license to do the work and in some cases, you may need multiple licenses due to the different types of work you are offering.

3. Determine Who Your Clients Will Be

You may have hundreds of people knocking on your door once you advertise your services but understand that not all of them will be the clients that you WANT or NEED.  You may find this out the hard way at first, but after a while, you will know who you want to work for and who you want to avoid!  We recommend starting your business out the right way and only take on the clients that you know you can make happy with your services and avoid those who wouldn’t be happy even if you did the work for free.

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4. Determine Your Pricing

You may be tempted to change your prices according to the job at hand, but we recommend having a set price and sticking with it no matter what.  Make sure that you are charging enough for every hour that you work so that you can make a profit every day.  This amount should cover all your expenses, even the forgotten ones like insurance, paper for the printer, and even the phone that you use to keep in contact with your clients.

5. Create Your Marketing Strategy

Getting your name out that your business is up, and running is not going to be as easy as you think, which is why you are going to need one amazing marketing strategy.  We recommend utilizing social media as much as possible, while also posting in your niche forums where the public asks questions.

Example: Joining the Handyman Association is helpful, as your name will automatically be added to their list of handymen, which is organized into local areas.  Anyone can access that database, so it is an excellent way to get your name out there.

These five things are the first steps that you will need to take as you are starting your home service business.  After you accomplish all these steps, you will need to do much more, but at least the hard stuff will be out of the way first!

Life of an entrepreneur: I wake up excited and terrified everyday!  -Sarah Lacy

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  • Joe @ Mini Riches
    September 28, 2020

    Having a strategy is sooooo important! I’ve always liked the 4 P’s:

    Planning Prevents Poor Performance

    • sguser
      September 28, 2020

      Love that!

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