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Meet Handyman Larry

Larry has had over 25 years of experience in the remodeling, home repairs and renovation industry.
At 15 he learned the art and skill of hanging and texturing drywall with Arizona’s top drywall company. Then moved into commercial roofing, framing, and cabinetry. He eventually received a degree in electric engineering from Hi-Tech, followed by 12 years repairing the machinery at TRW.
He is very talented and a natural born craftsman, with his style and love of designing, repairing and remodeling he is able to do most anything and loves the challenge.

Meet Karie 02

Meet Karie

Karie runs the back end of Handyman Larry. She has spent over 10 years learning how to build websites, marketing, accounting and even gone on several service calls. I want to share this knowledge to help home improvement entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

Our Vision 03

Our Vision

To be the information market place for the home maintenance industry. Reducing the workload and learning curve of the work processes so the entrepreneur can have more time to do what they love!

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So many goals that we can help you to achieve.


Improve skills by watching our YouTube and listening to our Podcast.


The most important thing we expect is that you will be able to learn business hacks faster and in one central location.

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Get knowledge about starting and running a home maintenance business, trend analysis, customer approaches, product and service marketing.


Collaborate and converse with other like minded home maintenance providers in our community on facebook.


Get expert advice from professionals that specialize in the home maintenance field.

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Download blogposts, webcontent, images,  and resources. Simply drag and drop content from your computer straight onto your website, emails, or other sales pages.