Back Pain On The Job

According to the Global Burden of Disease, lower back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide. Back pain on the job is one of the leading causes of work challenges. As a handyman it is very likely you will come across back pain at some point in your journey. 

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Aches and pains are part of a handyman’s life, but some of them can be completely avoided if you use the proper techniques.  Actually, you may be able to prevent all your back pain by simply lifting objects properly every time. 

Avoiding Back Pain

While we know that you are not a fan of lifting heavy objects ever, we want you to know that there is one way to do it safely each time.  The trick is to lift it twice!  The first time that you lift it will be in your mind, which will allow you to determine how you should hold onto it, at what angle you will carry it, and what hazards might be in your way as you carry this heavy object to where it needs to be.  This is also the time when you may decide that there is no way you can lift this thing on your own and you go find some help!

The second lift will be with your body, and that is when you will need to use the proper technique and form. 

“L” is for lifting – Lift with your legs and leave your back out of it.

7 techniques that will allow you to lift any heavy object without straining your back:


  1. Widen your stance, as that will keep you balanced
  2. Squat while bending at the hips and knees
  3. Allow yourself to use good posture as you lift
  4. Lift slowly and never bend forward as you are lifting
  5. Hold the heavy item as close to your body as possible and never lift it above your shoulders
  6. Change direction with your feet first and then allow your body to move
  7. Set the heavy object down by slowly bending at the hips and knees and lowering it to the ground

As you are following the seven techniques above, you should remember to never do the following:

  • Hold your breath
  • Bend or twist at the waist
  • Have only a partial hold on the item
  • Block your view with the object while walking
  • Lift quickly

When you do any of these things, you are taking a risk of pulling a muscle or even rupturing a disk in your back.  While most injuries will go away with rest, you never know when you will do something that you shouldn’t and have that be the injury that will keep you from doing what you love for the rest of your life. 

back pain prevention infographic

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Avoiding Back Pain
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