Pricing too high

People are wired to think prices are too high. They are wired to think the common home service person will jip them. Well, that and the fact that they will pay $4 or more for a cup of coffee five days a week before work, and they don’t want to give up that little luxury to pay you. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you are charging too much!  In fact, the only time that you should be concerned about the amount that you are charging is when you never hear people complain about the cost of hiring you.  In those cases, you may want to consider raising your prices, as they are obviously too low for your area!

Remember, your clients are not saying that you are not worth the amount of money that you are charging.  You may be hearing that, but that is definitely not what they are saying. 

What to say when they complain your pricing is too high

When you have a client, complain about your pricing, the best thing that you can do is not respond.  If you do respond, you are opening up a whole can of worms. This allows them to try talking you into doing the work for a whole lot less.  By saying nothing, you are giving the client an opportunity to think for a moment. 


Show Value. Create an experience and always strive to exceed customer expectations. -Shep Hyken

If you do need to explain anything to your client about the cost, this is the perfect time to educate them as to why you are charging the amount that you do.  Share with them all the things that you do that make your pricing high and how you break them down so that they are covered within your price.  Then add the fact that you need to make a small profit from each job as well so that you can earn a salary to help take care of your family. 

Most of the time, you will not need to offer this explanation though, because these clients will hire you anyway.  Simply do the job that you were hired to do, and do that job really well.  Ensure that when they write that final check they understand the value they received.  And the client will value your service. Do not undervalue yourself because others think your pricing is too high.


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