Proven Handyman Business Models

Proven Handyman Business Models

6 Proven Handyman Business Models


Creating a handyman business can be a lot of fun, especially if it is your dream job and you can turn it into a way to replace your income and take care of your family.  However, there are different business models that you can choose from and you need to make sure that you choose the one that will allow you to still love your job five, ten, and even twenty years from now.

Here are the 6 handyman business models that can easily replace your income:

1. Become a Cherry-Picker Handyman

If you do not want to take on every type of job that comes your way, you may want to participate in the cherry-picker handyman business model.  This business model will allow you to choose the jobs that you want and turn down the ones that you have no interest in.

2. Become a Franchise Handyman

Franchise handymen are difficult to find, as it is a difficult business to establish due to the massive upfront costs.  However, it is an excellent way to work in the industry and still stay in the office doing some of the mundane work that you might otherwise miss.

3. Become a Do-Everything Handyman

Most handymen will not tackle any and every project that comes their way, which makes this business model perfect for those who want a leg up on the competition.  However, we must caution you that by taking on this endeavor, you will need to know how to do the work of any job that comes your way.  This can be tricky, as one day you may be fixing a kitchen faucet and the next you may be starting a new addition on a home.

4. Become a To-Do List Only Handyman

So many people create to-do lists only to find that they can get out of control in their busy life.  This is where you can step in and tackle that to-do list for them.  A lot of times, this work will have you hanging pictures, painting a room, adjusting doors, and any other smaller items that make their way to a to-do list.

5. Become a Handyman that Focuses on a Niche


If you only have a skill in a certain area, it doesn’t mean that you cannot be an excellent handyman.  In these scenarios, we recommend that you simply offer the services in the area that you excel in.  Since you will be doing the same work all the time, you will know exactly how long it will take and what tools you will need every day.  You can even offer a flat-rate pricing for these jobs, which will allow you to turn a profit much easier.

6. Become a Handyman that Conquers the Weekends


If you’re not ready to leave your full-time job, you can start your handyman business on the weekends.  This is perfect for those customers who don’t want to skip work to have their home repaired.  Your business might not grow as quickly with this option, as your hours will be limited, but it will still be extra income that you can definitely use.

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Remember, you are not stuck with just one of these business models! So don’t worry just choose one and if you you can choose to expand or scale back your services later.  This is your own business, so feel free to do what works best for you!

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