How to sell photographs on WBHM

In order to be a contributor of images or videos, please email us samples of your best work to infor@whambamyoureahandyman.com. If we approve that your images are a good match for our site then you will be required to fill out an IRS 1099 form. After you’ll have access to all of the site features, and you will be able to upload both images and videos for sale.

Our customers love home improvement style photos. Upload photos of one these popular topics to get started:

  • Backgrounds and photos with a dominant color palette ex: background, industrial, …
  • Electrical
  • Home ex: home, kitchen, bed, house, interior design…
  • Holidays and Seasonal lifestyle ex: Christmas lighting,
  • Landscape ex: pools, yards, gardens
  • People and Lifestyle ex: diverse people, friends, couple, happy, selfie, woman, people, community, portrait, lifestyle…
  • Plumbing ex: water heaters, faucets, pipes
  • Rooms ex: kitchens, baths, bedrooms, attics, man caves, etc.
  • Tools ex: power tools, hand tools,
  • Technology ex: social media, technology, computer, laptop, phone…
  • Works in progress ex: repairs,

Don’t forget to Add Relevant Keywords

Help customers discover your photos by adding relevant and descriptive keywords. Do this by thinking: What words would customers search to find this photo?

how to sell your photos on WBHM

How much do I earn?

There are 3 ways to earn money for your original photos

1. Sell a photo on commission

Payouts are monthly. 60/40% commission

By selling a photo on commission you earn a percentage every time a customer buys one of your photos. This means you can sell the same photos over and over.

2. Sell us your photos monthly at a set price.

I can purchase your photos with a license to resell. These photos would be sold over and over.

3. Commission work 

You earn 100% of the agreed-upon commission.

When a brand wants custom work we will get in touch and help facilitate this with a custom agreed-upon commission.