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  • $9.99

    Bathroom Remodeling Content Includes 25 articles on bathroom remodeling

    Just a few are

    • Advantage & disadvantage of buying your bathroom remodel supplies on line
    • Choosing a new shower stall
    • Choosing a new bathtub
    • Should you change your bathroom theme
    • Should you hire a professional to do your bathroom remodel
    • Signs that you should remodel your bathroom
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  • $5.00

    10 Articles on DIY projects

    • Basic faucet replacement
    • Easy and safe gas furnace repairs that the homeowner can do
    • Easy Cartridge faucet repair you can do
    • Easy Do-It-Yourself paint repairs
    • Easy steps on tiling your kitchen floor
    • Evaluating your wall for repairs
    • Garbage disposal problems
    • Plumb it right
    • Repairing pipe leaks on your own
    • Squeak be gone remedies
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  • $9.99

    Garage Remodeling Content Includes 25 articles

    A few are:

    • Garage additions
    • Garage doors
    • Garage flooring
    • Remodeling ideas for your garage
    • Safety garage necessities
    • Music Studio in a garage
    • Your garage home office
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  • $24.99

    Home Security Big Bundle includes 158 articles on all things home security and emergency prepardnes

    • 3 articles on Apartment Security
    • 4 articles on Body Worn Cameras
    • 3 articles on Bug Detectors
    • 5 articles on Closed Circuit
    • 58 articles on Emergency Prep
    • 6 articles on Fire alarms & Sprinklers
    • 13 articles on Guides to buying security cameras
    • 4 articles on Guns
    • 47 articles on Home Security
    • 3 articles on Pepper Spray
    • 31 articles on Security Cameras
    • 4 articles on Security while on vacation
    • 8 articles on Spy Gadgets
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    Home Security Articles Small Bundle includes 45+ articles about home security.

    • Common sense security tips
    • Do it yourself home security
    • How home security monitoring works
    • How internet predators select their victims
    • Keeping your home secure while on vacation
    • Options in effective intrusion detection
    • Outdoor security systems
    • The 1st line of defense knowing the facts about home security
    • Trusting your home security company
    • Wireless home security
    • plus many more


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  • $9.99

    23 Articles on Kitchen remodeling

    • Choosing your new kitchen countertops
    • The Pros and cons of remodeling your kitchen
    • What remodeling your kitchen can do for your home
    • Kitchen remodeling should you buy new appliances
    • Buying what you need to remodel your kitchen
    • and more
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    7 PLR articles about vinyl siding

    • Caring for your vinyl siding
    • A facelift for your vinyl siding
    • No competition for siding
    • Simple home improvement idea
    • Siding remodeling costs
    • Adding value to your home with siding
    • Vinyl siding that combines appeal and savings
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