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    50 Composting PLR Articles including:


    • Who should compost
    • The best place for your composting
    • When will your composting be ready
    • Worms for vermicomposting
    • Avoiding composting dangers
    • How to go organic in composting
    • The greens and browns of composting
    • Steps to composting
    • Making your own composting bin
    • Teach composting to kids


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  • $5.00

    10 Articles on DIY projects

    • Basic faucet replacement
    • Easy and safe gas furnace repairs that the homeowner can do
    • Easy Cartridge faucet repair you can do
    • Easy Do-It-Yourself paint repairs
    • Easy steps on tiling your kitchen floor
    • Evaluating your wall for repairs
    • Garbage disposal problems
    • Plumb it right
    • Repairing pipe leaks on your own
    • Squeak be gone remedies
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  • $9.99

    25 Indoor Gardening Articles including:

    • An indoor garden for children
    • Giving your indoor plants enough light
    • Part time indoor gardening
    • Temperature regulations for indoor gardens
    • Why you should start an indoor garden
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  • $5.00

    10 articles on Planting a vegetable garden. Includes:

    • Advantages of planting a vegetable garden
    • Building and planting vegetable gardens
    • Laying out and planting vegetable gardens
    • Long term plans for planting vegetable gardens
    • No backyard, try planting vegetable garden indoors
    • Planning before planting vegetable gardens
    • Planting vegetable gardens for stress relief
    • Save money and get healthy by planting vegetable gardens
    • The basics of planting vegetable gardens
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