Survive the Heat as You Go About Your Duties

As a handyman, I work in all types of weather.  During the winter months, you can normally see me bundled up in as many warm layers as I can possibly get on, while utilizing hand and foot warmers.  The temperatures in the spring and fall are a little more forgiving and allow me to dress normal, while adding a sweatshirt on the cooler days.  However, it is the dog days of summer when I try to survive the heat. I have sweat pouring off me that I seem to wonder why I do this type of work! 

After all, there isn’t too much that you can do when you are sweating and roasting during those hotter days of the year!

I have found a few solutions though and I am happy to spread the news that you can survive the heat right along with me now!

Survive the summer

One of the first things that I do in the summer is dress in appropriate clothing.  While short sleeves might be preferred by many of you, I normally choose to wear lightweight long-sleeved shirts that pull the moisture away from my skin. 

Dress appropriately

I also purchased several cooling towels that I keep in cold water in my vehicle.  I simply take one out, wring it out well, and place it around my neck.  It helps keep me cool and I can use it to wipe the sweat away too. 

Hats are a must to survive the heat

A hat is a must in this line of work, as it will keep the sun off your head and your face.  Blocking the sun will help you regulate your internal body temperature a little, which may not seem necessary, but every little bit helps!


I have learned over the years that when I start to feel thirsty, it is too late, and I am already well on my way to being dehydrated.  To prevent this problem, I make sure that I drink water regularly throughout the day and even supplement a bottle with Gatorade or Powerade for a few extra electrolytes.  Fresh fruit is another option, as it allows you to enjoy a healthy snack while replacing some of the fluid that your body desperately needs. 

You may not be able to avoid the hotter days of the year in this line of work, or many others, but you can prepare for it and even survive it!  I recommend that you plan for the heat every day each summer and then be thankful for those days that are not as hot as all the rest!

What do you do to handle the extreme weather on the job?

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